Alberta’s First Naturist Beach

Have you ever tried to find a spot where you can escape to just relax and decompress after a long workweek?  CottonTail Corner was developed in 2013 to fill that exact need. The water flowing past CottonTail Corner is clean and cool, and the sounds of birds fill the air along with the gentle breeze that slips across your bare skin at Alberta’s first promoted clothing-free beach.

With an opening day during the May long weekend, Cottontail Corner is used by naturists and nudists from across Alberta to get away from our busy lives.  It is a peaceful place to settle down, relax and take in the fresh air and sunshine.

Cottontail Corner is a DAY USE ONLY area. 8 AM – Sunset

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Do not trust GPS. It will not bring you to the right location.

From the City of Edmonton, take Highway 16A west to Highway 60. Go south to Gramina Road (Township Road 511), which is the turnoff to Prospector’s Point just before the Devon Bridge.  Turn right (west), and then immediately turn left (south) again on Prospector’s Point Road.  Do not turn off this road! Follow it all the way down into the river valley to the Prospector’s Point parking lot.

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From the parking lot, start walking upstream.  PLEASE STAY CLOTHED ON THE TRAIL!   There is a lower path going through the trees.  Please follow that to get to CottonTail Corner.  There are signs posted along the path.  At the end of CottonTail Corner there is a sign that states:  NO NUDITY BEYOND THIS POINT.

Please do not go past that point, clothed or nude.   We have an agreement with the landowner to respect her, and her family’s, privacy beyond there.


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