If most people here are like us, you just want to get down to the beach, strip down, and enjoy the day. However, we'd wanted to stress a few key factors into making your stay a little more pleasant.


There are no washrooms at this beach, only at the beginning of the trail in the parking lot at Prospector's Point.


Please DO NOT bring glass bottles. Glass and bare feet do not mix.


Extinguish your smoking materials COMPLETELY!  We don't thinks we need to explain the hazard of a carelessly discarded cigarette butt. Not only does it make the beach unsightly, but it is an extreme fire hazard.  Extinguish your cigarette butt, and take it back out with you in a empty can or appropriate receptacle.




Wearing enough sunscreen and a hat at CottonTail Corner to protect your skin

PLEASE carry all garbage out that you bring in...and maybe one more item if you see it strewn on our beach. Naturist beaches are about respect for yourself, others,  AND the environment.


A group of Naturists at the first SkinnyDip Record attempt at CottonTail Corner in 2015

Spending the day at CottonTail Corner

What do I need to bring along?

Picnic at CottonTail CornerBring enough food and refreshments to last you for your visit at CottonTail Corner. Ensure you have something to drink for the hike!


Bring a high SPF sunscreen or sunshade with you.  CottonTail Corner is south facing, and has very minimal shade. While that Vitamin D you are getting from the Sun is good for you, too much of it can be harmful. Bring mosquito spray for the trail!


Sun Safety is important. CottonTail Corner is south facing, and has almost no shade. Bring Sunscreen or something to cover up with.
Sun Safety done right

Camping foam for CottonTail Corner's rocky beach

The beach at CottonTail Corner is river smoothed rock, but it is hard to lay on.  An inflatable camping mat that can be rolled up and strapped to a backpack is recommended.

There is no wifi at CottonTail Corner. Bring a book..better yet bring a friend to share the day with!  Pretend it's 1995! Talk to each other! No Wifi at CottonTail Corner