Respect yourself and others.  Naturism is about freedom and acceptance.  All people are welcome regardless of age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity.  It doesn't matter if you are single or married.
We do not judge anyone for their physical appearance or condition.  In fact, you will not find a more body positive and friendly group of people than naturists!  Treat others as you would wish to be treated.
Five Naturist Ladies at CottonTail Corner Naturist Beach
Don't gawk. It is impolite to stare in the textile world, so why would it be any different in a naturist environment? Staring can make people feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.
Of course, this doesn't mean you have to wear a blindfold while at CottonTail Corner or one of our swims,  simply use common sense. While talking to someone, look directly at his or her face. It is more respectful to the individual and would not be misconstrued as an inappropriate behaviour.
Never photograph anyone without their express permission.  All cell phones come with a camera, but please make an attempt to stay off your phone while you are visiting CottonTail Corner, as they can make others uncomfortable and wary.  Please be respectful of the non-naturists and re-dress when you are leaving Cottontail Corner and heading back to the parking lot.  At our off-river events, please put you phone in your pocket, and don't take it out again until leaving the event. 
Behavior.  We promote family oriented naturism, which is wholesome and non-sexual.  Sexually suggestive language, lewd and lascivious behaviors, harassment, and threatening behavior will not be tolerated at the beach and our events. As well, comments to someone about their body or about someone elses body are unwelcome and inappropriate. Please re-dress before passing the 'Welcome to CottonTail Corner' sign on the way back to the parking lot. Let's have fun and keep it comfortable for everyone.  Common courtesy and common sense is key!
Nude is not lewd but combined with public sexual displays, it can degrade our image and will offend other guests. Not only will you be asked to leave the beach,  CottonTail Corner and it's hosted events are family friendly, and as such, there will be children there.


Do your part as a responsible beach user to keep CottonTail Corner safe and secure for all. If someone’s behavior is making you uncomfortable at the beach or at one of our events,  please report it immediately to the CottonTail Corner Administration or get assistance from others while at the beach. If you feel it is a serious matter, please report it immediately to the Stony Plain RCMP at 780 968 7267.
Naturist recreation areas are NOT a place to try and pick up a girlfriend/boyfriend!

Be Considerate.  Please don't disturb the wildlife.  We are in their home, not the other way around.

In today's world, it is necessary to have guidelines for the naturist lifestyle. Not only is it very easy to destroy all the hard work we have put into social acceptance, but people who are new to naturism may not realize how to properly deal with social circumstances. Adhering to these guidelines ensures a safe and pleasant environment for all users.
Redhead on the rocks at CottonTail Corner