From the City of Edmonton, take Highway 16A west to Highway 60. Go south to Gramina Road (Township Road 511), which is the turnoff to Prospector's Point just before the Devon Bridge.  Turn right (west), and then immediately turn left (south) again on Range Road 263. Do not turn off this road! Follow it all the way down into the river valley to the parking lot. Start walking upstream from the parking lot towards the textile beach and you will see a trail through the trees. After a five minute walk along the tree path, you will start to see pink trail markers in the bush. Continue following that.It is about a 25 minute hike upstream.

Road map going to the CottonTail Corner Naturist Beach.

1This is pretty well the start of the CTC trail. Take the path on the right.

2Keep following these pink trail markers that have been tied to the trees

3Go through this first gate. We have permission from the land user to cross onto the property.


The field side trail


Go back through this gate

7You will come across a small coulee, continue upstream.

Almost at the Beach You will come across our sign.


You will come to a small clearing. You will have two choices here.


You can take the path to the left to go down to the river for the quieter area of CottonTail Corner or....

The Right Path

Take the gate on your right keep going upstream to the next gate.

Stairs to busier area

The stairs down to the busier area of the beach

CottonTail Corner, facing downstream from the beach

Welcome to CottonTail Corner!